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SW ED80 Pro - Next Level upgrade suggestions

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Hi, I ma looking for opinions on what scopes I should consider for upgrading from my Skywatcher ED80 Pro.  (Mount is NEQ6 with ATIk460ex Mono Camera)  

Triplet , similar size. up to £1200max 

SW Esprite or Willliam Optics ?  or suggestions very much appreciated.  

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I went from 80ed to 70ed to 100ed to 120ed (in 6 months😬) to sell all previous ones and keep the 120.  

The 80mm was an easy to handle telescope.  A Zenithstar, very short tube.  The SW 100ed is around 900mm long.  Same as SW 120ed.  The step from 80 to 100 was a big one in tube and weight.  

Thinking back,  i would skip the 100, and searched for a nice 120/130.

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