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Planets, clusters and some nebulae


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We had some friends over and once dark I set up my scope to show them a few objects. Jupiter, Saturn, M57 and M13. The kids (5 to 7) enjoyed seeing through the telescope once they learned not to touch it while looking into tge eyepiece.

This was without letting the scope cool down, while changing eyepieces I was surprised to see the hot air  swirling in the de focused mirror.

Later on, I set up the scope with Skysafari and went for some more objects: the double cluster in Perseus, Pleiades, Cats Eye nebula, M13 again, failed to see the Veil nebula, and M31 on request of my friend although it’s still just a fuzzy blob.

Aftee the scope had been outside 2 hours and friends left I tried mars again before packing up. By this time my secondary had misted up and .. wow! Much better results with Mars. I could now see the polar ice cap and make out features on the surface.

After months of permacloud I am really enjoying getting some use out of this scope.



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