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Mars 17 Sep 2020 test after ~13 years !

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Sorry I am never here, I am lucky to have had some time to spend on Mars.

Really difficult in the last few years to do any imaging or even just observing.
In the meantime I am getting gears ready for retirement [ still years ahead] and have some 'quick' setups and not too heavy - I am getting older!

Anyway I managed to do 'some' decent images and certainly better than 13 years ago !!

Meade LX200 10" Classic - re-aluminised a few years ago and never really managed to use it
3x GSO Barlow
Manual Filter wheel with 685nm, Meade 4000 series [I know more for visual - cannot afford to buy other!] RGB #25 #56 #80 and no UV+IR filter ... yet
I might use UV+IR on RGB or just GB

SharpCap [my usual one] and FireCapture [never used it - first time]

This image is IR only [685nm] colourised and I am actually happy considering not having done much Planetary or even used the LX200 in years.

Trying to perfect gear and honing skills!



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I have a question, is it really worth getting 1.25" Baader RGB filters?
I know I am using the Meade 4000 which really are for visual, but I thought next time I can use my UV+IR filter to further narrow the RGB or just the GB - am I an idiot?

I am really short of money and if difference is not 'that' obvious, well ...

Just re-learning Planetary Imaging - not that I did learn a lot at the time!

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Well ... I had some time and managed after 5-6 re-processing to have a IR-RGB image - the only one!

It was a test and STUPID me, I only did one take each colour and I should have taken as many as possible because that was a very clear night [gap].

Never had a decent night since 17 Sep 2020, ridiculous and almost usual UK weather.

No wonder some UK amateurs get beautiful images, they 99% of the time can afford [or make debts!] to go abroad and with a Celestron 14" SCT!

70% of the job is having a clear sky, 20% is the gear and 10% your acquired skill-set - in my view and the latter takes a long time - the other two a lot of money I do not have.

Wrong hobby?

Anyway, this is the image:
Also here: https://astronomo.space/my-images/mars/


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Very nice images there. I used to have the 10" Meade LX200 GPS and IMHO it's a very fine instrument for planetary imaging, as you have clearly demonstrated

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