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Observing every Open Cluster in Cassiopeia brighter than Mag +12 in a single session

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There are over 1,100 known Open Clusters in the Milky Way (and a lot more hidden by dust).  There are around 100 just in Cassiopeia which is a high amount considering its is only 25th by area.  I set myself the observing challenge to view every single cluster brighter than magnitude +12 in a single session.  I compiled the list using Sky Safari 5 Pro data which made it a more manageable 44.  However, I did run across some which should have made the cut but have an unknown magnitude.

The report is on the link below:


I have split into two reports as it is quite long.  There is a link at the end of part one which takes you to the second.

It was a rather enjoyable challenge and I viewed several new to me DSOs, many of which I will return to in the future.

Quite a busy part of the sky.  This is just Open Clusters to 12th magnitude.  Benefit of being on the arms of the Milky Way!



Feedback always appreciated.  Hope you enjoy the read, and maybe have a go yourself.

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That's a great observing aid. I was slowly sweeping through Cassiopeia a couple of nights ago while playing around a new 16mm Masuyama eyepiece and the clusters were amazing. The Masuyama is so transparent that every cluster stopped me in my tracks, and almost gave the impression that each cluster was back lit. The night itself wasn't that transparent and Cassiopeia itself was still rising, so hopefully there will be some great views to come, and your chart will come in very handy. Thanks! ☺

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