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Mars 17th Sep - Fullerscope and 290mono

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Yes, yet another Mars... Better get used to them we haven't had it this good for a long time! Went with the 290mono this time and without the ADC, only went out for 30 mins as was on baby duty but managed to get a couple of R and B runs, and made a synthetic G from those two. This was the best of the two runs.

8.75" Fullerscope and Altair 290m, APM 2.7x Barlow (working at 2.3x / 0.16"PP). Baader filters.

3 mins red and 3 mins blue, stacked best 30% > Registax > Gimp


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Thanks All.  Seeing seemed to start off sketchy but improved quickly, was a shame I had to pack up and get to bed!

4 hours ago, morimarty said:

Outstanding detail in this image Craig. I have got to ask you though, why synthetic green was you experimenting?

Yes essentially, I shot G alongside the R and B, and tried combining both a true green and a synthetic green into the final image and found I preferred the synthetic green, though the colour balance is a little off I think it helps with the surface albedo details, probably because its a little noisier with a third less frames stacked so it looks a bit more detailed, but actually isn't?

Green compare.png

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