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QSI 583 filter wheel will not connect in Astroart

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I lost my QSi info in Astroart, and had to reinstall, i have spent hours trying to get the internal filter wheel to open, but greyed out and not available for selection on the filter wheel  part.  most other makes are mentioned but not QSI internal filter. If I press Ascom filter wheel. QSI ccd comes up but the OK key  does not respond. please has anyone any clues??


all this started when I connected a modified DSLR to Astroart. all QSI info disappeared, thats why I had to reinstall it from the beginning.  always used QSI with Astroart for years and no problems. I fear this is a QSI problem, and there could be problems with other capture programs  when using QSI ccd.



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I was checking my QSI-583 that I was selling before I shipped it and I was having trouble getting the filter wheel to work even though it worked fine the last time I used it.   There has been so many software updates since I last used it I did not try to solve the issue.  I had updated the ASCOM platform to V6.4.  I had updated AA7 with several service packs and of course Windows has done numerous updates.  Fortunately the person I sold the camera to has not reported any problems.

I hope you can solve the problem.   I think QSI still has the ASCOM driver for the 583 on the website.

Good luck.  I hope you can solve the issue without too much gnashing of teeth.




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