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It's another M31


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Actually, two - one of the galaxy itself, and another mosaic to show more of the surrounding space which includes M32 and M110. 

Details are:
Sky Bortle 4
Scope Sky-Watcher 130PDS
Mount Sky-Watcher NEQ6
Camera Canon EOS1000D (modded) with Sky-Watcher 0.9x coma corrector
Capture and control software APT
No guiding
APT dithering every third image
Approx 9.5 hours total integration time
60 second exposures
Flats 25
Dark Flats 25
Bias 50
Darks 50
Stacking in DSS
Processing StarTools and Photoshop CS2
Mosaic assembled in Microsoft ICE

M31 Centre.jpg

M31 mosaic.jpg

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Thanks for the kind words everyone. This was really my first time with multiple exposures across several nights, at 60 secs, including auto meridian flips, full calibration frames, and piecing together a mosaic. So, lots of new things came together pretty well in the end. 

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