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LRGB & Narrowband Filters

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So, I have been doing some research and reading on various websites and forums in regards to LRGB and Narrowband filters.

I am currently using the ZWO 31mm LRGB and H-Alpha filters in my rig. These are the first filters I purchased due to getting into monochrome imagine and the price point was perfect at the time. I have been using them quite a while and now starting to look at the next step.

I havn't actually used the H-Alpha one yet as I am concentrating more on LRGB imagining for now.

Based on my research I have compiled a list of low, medium and high end filter brands. I wanted to get peoples opinons on their experiences using them and why they liked it or disliked it. Please correct me below if I am wrong.

- Optolong (possibly mid?)

- Astronomik
- Baadar

- Astrodon
- Chroma

Obviously low end is where I am now so I will be looking at the mid range filters.

Also is it worth investing in 2" filters? This would be upgrading to a 2" filter wheel.

So basically:

Q) What is a decent mid range LRGB & Narrowband filter kit?
Q) Is the 2" upgrade worth it for future proofing and when would it beneficial?


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I'm in a similar situation and will be interested to see the reponse to this question + if I may add: 

Is such an upgrade worthwhile, these filters (Chroma & Astrodon) are not cheap so  does the upgrade make noticeable imrovements and in which particular wavelengths?  

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As with everything, it depends!

I started off using 2” filters because they cut down on vignetting and are easier to keep dust free. This allowed me to image without taking flats... but in truth it’s usually worth flat fielding anyway but it does mean that you can accommodate larger camera sensors so gives you some future proofing...

However, I moved to 36mm unmounted filters because I really wanted to have seven filters available all the time; it seemed otherwise I always had the wrong filters in the 5-position, 2” filter wheel. 
As for makes of filter, I own 2” Baaders and 36mm Astrodon. 
As far as broadband LRGB imaging goes, I used to get bad haloes around bright stars with the Baaders, particularly around bright blue stars.   This was my main reason for changing and the Astrodon filters have given me no such problems.

For narrowband, it’s not really a fair fight since the band pass on the Astrodon filters is much narrower. They are outstanding filters, though. 

Are they worth the money?  Well that’s the real question. I got fed up with the haloes and the time it was taking me to try to address them in processing but it’s a lot of money but I do miss my other kidney...! 🙂

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