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Hello from Lisbon

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Hello all, I'm Pedro from near Lisbon, Portugal.

I have no telescope yet, a budget refractor 80mm on its way, the one referenced here https://youtu.be/Na-aBhc_gTY

My main expectations is have a nice time with my daughter (it was her idea) and learn about astronomy.

If it sticks I'll be asking for advices on a "proper" telescope in a few months :)




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6 minutes ago, Ships and Stars said:

Welcome. Portugal is a great country, worked for a short period in the Alentejo, really liked it there in the rural countryside 👍

I'happy you like it :) And Alentejo is one of my favourite regions of Portugal also :).



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Hi Pedro and welcome to SGL. Hope you have a great time with your new scope - Jupiter  Saturn and Mars are all well placed at the moment, so hopefully you'll enjoy some nice views. Not sure what eyepieces you'll get with it - often the kit eyepiece isn't brilliant, so that might be your first "extra". Lots of advice here on this and pretty much everything else.

Boa sorte!



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Warm welcome to SGL! First thing to checkout I would recommend Moon, Jupiter and Saturn. For Mars I at least need to use a very high magnification to be able to see any details at all.. Checkout messier objects and learn a little bit about them. I was very happy when I saw M57 for the first time with my small scope. It is like a small doughnut made of smoke 😁 

Don’t hope to see stuff like they are from pictures and all is good. 

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1 minute ago, pedromreis said:

Im searching for a downloadable (legit) pdf with a sky map. This before I buy an Atlas.

For my location (Lisbon, Portugal), where can I find something that I can print, for free, that helps me find stuff in the sky? 

Maybe software is better ?

 Stellarium is brilliant

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