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Mars Opposition 2020 by Bajastro

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Mars was taken at night between 20:57 and 22:29 UTC. Equipment used: Celestron SCT C8, Barlow 2x, GSO #29 (dark red), ASI120MM Mini, HEQ5 mount.

Animation was prepared from 20 images with drizzle 150% (the best 10% of frames from 60-second movies):


One of the best images from 21:55UT:


Edited by Bajastro
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That is really cracking., great detail and love the animation.  I have a C8 and have not yet managed to get this sort of clarity.  


Well done.

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Thank you all.
Last night after 3 cloudy weeks I photographed Mars with his moons:


Moons: 100% from 60 seconds movie, frames 1s, high gain used.
Planet: 10% from 120 seconds movie.

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Mars is already slowly moving away from Earth, there is still a month of good visibility allowing you to observe many surface details.
I found some time and collected the best photos from among a dozen photo sessions devoted to Mars.
The planet was closest to Earth on the 6th of October.


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Lovely images and annimation throughout the thread - excellent work.

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I choose several of the best my photos of Mars and I prepared an animation based on Łukasz Sujka's tutorial.
I struggled the most with map assembly in Gimp 2:


I'm still waiting for good weather to photograph the area from Olympus Mons near the center of the planet's disc.

Animation prepared in WinJUPOS for the date 2020-10-13:


Equipment: Celestron C8 (SCT 8" F/10), ES Barlow 2x, Gso dark red filter (#29), ASI120MM Mini, HEQ5 mount.

Edited by Bajastro
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Excellent map and animation. I too have been following Lucasz’s tutorial to prepare a map and animation, but also only have a very poor image of the Olympus Monster region, so hoping that I can capture better data in the coming week.

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