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Tomorrow, Monday 14th September, at 5am there is a conjunction of the 14% crescent Moon, Praesepe (Beehive Custer) and Venus.  Use binoculars or a wide field telescope and look between the Moon and Venus to find Praesepe.  Look as early as you can before it gets too light to see Praesepe at its best when more stars will be visible. 

Below is the conjuction using the StarSafari App.




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Had a text from a mate at 4am this morning saying the moon looked ‘wicked’, he’s not even into astronomy and usually cares not for the night sky. 

Fortunately I was just finishing up a imaging session and busy looking at M31/33/42/45 with the binoculars to of noticed. Grabbed the dslr and took a couple of snaps.  

First time I’ve been glad of a text at 4am. 

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Hi, I was camping at quite a dark sky site above the Wye valley last night. Star gazing with a Vixen SG 2.1x42 for a couple of hours before bedtime. Really awesome compared with central Cardiff! Bladder woke me up in the early hours but rewarded by another session viewing moon, with lovely earthshine, and Venus.

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