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Veil Nebula, 75 minutes @ 85mm


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Hi all,

Results from a quick session on the Veil Nebula from a few weeks back.  Have been trying to capture this target for years and never managed anything that even vaguely resembles it. 

This image is certainly not perfect, but its the best I've ever produced lol.  Any comments & suggestions welcome!

Vintage SMC Pentax 85mm lens @ F/2.8

ZWO 178MC-Cool + L-enhance

AZ-GTi in EQ mode

75 x 60 sec exposures

Stacked with DSS, basic processing in PS

Have never yet managed a total exposure longer than this on any target, whether its clouds, bad tracking or needing sleep 🙂  Someday!

Thanks for looking


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Very nice and also very encouraging for me as I'm about to receive needed adapter tomorrow and go with similar combination myself.

I'll be using Helios 44-M-4 58mm F/2 lens (fully open) and IDAS LPS P2 as filter but rest of the gear will be the same - so I'm expecting good results judging by your image.

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Hi, wow, greatly appreciate all your comments & suggestions!

  @MarkAR, @callisto, @Victor Boesen, I'd certainly like to get more data on it, clear nights are fairly rare where I'm at, and I tend to keep trying for new targets.  I'm quite near the sea, with houses on all sides, sometimes even on the clearest of nights the clouds roll in almost instantly!  I'll absolutely try and add more to it and experiment with longer exposures if I get the chance 👍

@vlaiv, I've read those Helios lenses are good, I almost grabbed one myself last year.  I really enjoy using this setup, so I hope it all works out for you when you get it pieced together!  Look forward to seeing the results 🙂

Thanks again

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