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COMPLETED - Eyepiece sale


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I'm in the process of making room in my eyepiece box and I have the following for sale

TV 11mm plossl.  Optically very good, slight marking on the eyepiece barrel, boxed and original end caps £35 plus postage. 

Meade 2" QX wide angle 26mm eyepiece 70 deg, optics are a little dusty with end caps and bolt case hence price £15 plus postage

ES 2" 25mm, 70 deg eyepiece with caps no box. £30 plus postage.

Finally Vixen branded 20mm 1/4 plossl, end caps and box  £10.00 plus postage. 

Postage £2.00 per item






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I was almost on the point of letting them all fly to the Netherlands. But i will not take the risk.  They might not work in my scopetype.   I’ve send the seller a message, but i thought he might see it in the morning and loses a lot of interested members during the night. I have to withdraw from this offer, so i guess all are for sale again.   

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