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Lagoon Nebula first time Narrowband with Esprit 100

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A couple of months back I drove down to Spain from the UK, with rig boxed up in the boot ofc. My mount packed in half way through the trip, so it was a real bummer, but I did manage to have a fairly good go at imaging the lagoon nebula. For me it was the first time properly using my new ZWO 1600 pro and a narrowband filter set. I have to say I am really pleased with the results that one can get.


The image was taken through an Esprit 100, mounted on an EQ6 pro. The camera used was a ZWO 1600 pro. 

12 x 600 seconds H 

12 x 600 seconds O

10 x 600 seconds S

I used the Hubble pallete, and edited in Photoshop. This one was fun in Photoshop because there is a lot going on in the image. I still haven't quite got round how to get rid of the purple stars. I had intended to take some RGB stars real quick whilst I was out there, but the mount packing stopped me doing that, so I was looking at ways to change the purple stars in post processing but so far I couldn't get it to work right. 

Best wishes,





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10 hours ago, MarkAR said:

Looks really good, there's a green reduction plug in for PS but can't remember what it's called.

Hasta la vista Green i think. Thats the one I have anyway. 


Thanks for the comments guys I'm really pleased with how this turned out. I feel like I'm progressing in terms of what I know now and can do. This type of image 2 years ago was so far away from my capabilities. 

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