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Budget tripod for Celestron 20x80 binoculars

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I have been gifted a celestron 20x80 binoculars on my birthday. I was stunned by observing the moon but I am not able to hold it in one place for more than a minute. I really need a tripod but I am confused by all the available options. I am a tall guy, so I really need a tall, strong and durable tripod which doesn't cost a hell lot of money. 

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Hi @Stargazer2007 and welcome to SGL. :hello2:

I use a Manfrotto 055PROB tripod and a joystick/trigger grip/ballhead with mine. (images below)...

post-4682-0-36306500-1445866821_thumb.jpg.757bd596989253acbfdbeb380f979e56.jpg<--- SONY 7x50's

post-4682-0-32308400-1445866920_thumb.jpg.c0b1c23e89dd3188337b1a9403d37110.jpg<---Revalation ASTRO 20x80's

41bA2kp1wlL._AC_US327_QL65_.jpg.8e1578b9a32ea3c8a343d719d11e66f4.jpg<--- the joystick/trigger grip/ballhead


Alternatively you can use a monopod and an alt-az head, or use an upended broom; (wrap the head in a bag or material); and rest or secure the binoculars to it with a bungee cord as a temporary until you are in a position when you can purchase.
Parallelograms can also be used, but they are expensive, or you could attempt to build one if you have DIY and some basic engineering skills. 

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I'm not a great fan of tripod-mounted "straight through" binoculars because looking at anything higher than about 45* is a pain. Literally. The Celestron 20x80 is relatively light, so you can get away with a trigger-grip (see above) on a monopod. The monopod need not be perfectly vertical, so you can sit/recline with it as well for greater comfort. For greatest satisfaction, though, ultimately a parallelogram is the way to go, IMO.


Celestron Skymaster Pro 20x80 on trigger grip


Helios 20x80 on parallelogram - very versatile.

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