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M27 Dumbbell bicolour (24 hr exposure)


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Hi all,

Last week I've put together some of my data made the last couple of months to compose this bi-colour image of M27. Quite tricky to proces due to the high dynamic range of the object, quite a pain to tease out the faint outer details without making the image look to forced. I started the processing job from scratch a couple of times, but settled with this version for now. The h-alpha data was acquired from my heavily light polluted backyard, the o3 data I acquired during an astro holiday in Southern France (Provence) under pitch black skies late August.

Thanks for checking them out.




Some details of my gear:

Scope: 10" f/3.8 homebuilt Astrograph with 3" Wynne corrector

CMOS: ASI-1600 MM Cool (-10°C)

Filter: Astrodon 5nm h-alpha / Baader 4,5nm o3

Exposure: 24 hours in 5min subframes (15 hrs h-alpha / 9 hours o3)

Mount: Mesu200



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Thanks all for the nice comments!

2 hours ago, david_taurus83 said:


Any details or pics of your homemade scope?

Thank you! The scope is based on a 250 mm f/4 premium grade mirror, all other components are custom designed/made parts. I have been very happy with it! There are some pictures of the design and build here:


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