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Hi folks. I'm completely new to the world of stargazing and having done a bit of research I'm thinking of an equatorial mount as my first purchase, probably something like the the SW EQ5 Pro. However I still don't know how all the gear works in practice so my concern is once I've done the setups and got that perfect view (one can hope) is it practical to pack up after each session (I live in rainy London and can't leave it out in the balcony which has no covering or shed, etc). If so, is it a pain redoing all the setups (not just the motor as that does reset regardless I believe) but more the tripod side of things. 


Thanks in advance for any feedback. 

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Once you have the mount properly aligned, mark the position of the tripod feet. Next time out just place the feet on your markers, you'll be very close to having alignment.

I use a patio chair cover for my HEQ5 mount. Left out in all weather.


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