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Focusmotor rj9 control


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Im not sure if the rj10 is the correct connector. (The small old telephone connector). I’m planning to install an Orion accufocuser on my scope.

is it possible to connect to- and control these small motors with a system like stellarium?   

Perhaps any of you got these working other then with the 4-button remote controller.   

I assume the asiair doesnt accept it but if Stellarium does, i will consider to swap the whole asiair for stellarium.   The list of restrictions of asiair is getting a bit long.


thx for any advice.  


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RJ9 connector.

I have fitted these motors to all my solar scopes.

ShoeString astronomy have a PC interface FCUSB http://www.store.shoestringastronomy.com/products_fc.htm

I use this to "semi-remotely" control the focus motor. Never tried it but it should be recognised as a focus motor by other ASCOM programs.

For the "local" scopes I just use a 5mtr phone extension cable fitted with RJ9 connectors between the handcontroller and the focus motor.


You have many choices on software to use with your FCUSB. You can use any third-party software that supports the ASCOM Focuser standard, or you can use FocusPal from Shoestring Astronomy.


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8 hours ago, Merlin66 said:

RJ9 connector.

I have fitted these motors to all my solar scopes

Thanks.  I knew i might be wrong about the rj10.    Oke only solarscopes for a reason?   Aren’t they not that good for your mainscopes.  Many thanks for the link.   Very helpful

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The main telescope is set up for spectroscopy.

The solar scopes H alpha, CaK and white light need focus motors to allow me to work inside the office.

The motor is belt driven to the 10:1 knob for fine control.


Mainsail Obs 001s.jpg




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