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MWP1 and ALV1 Planetary Nebulae in Cygnus

Tom OD

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This image started off as something completely different. I was looking at the Tulip Neb to add to Ollys X ray Bow shock image. Some clouds came in and the mount moved, and started re-guiding on another star.

It took a 30min O3 sub and I noticed a signal right at the top of the frame. I decided to switch to this image object. It took a few days before I found some other images of it.

Turns out it is MWP1 a Planetary nebula. Just below and right of it is another ALV1 planetary. So a nice two for one in this area of Cygnus.

This was a nightmare to process due to the amount of stars, and I m not happy at all with it. I need to do some serious revision and practicing to get more out of this, but I still decided to post it as is for the moment.

This has 24hrs each of O3 and Ha, mixed with 6hrs of RGB.

I do like that there seems to be an outer shell / shockwave of O3 data, while the Ha seems to be more extensive throughout the region.

RA 21Hrs 17Mins, Dec 34:11

54hrs from Remote Observatory in France.




MWP1 Web.jpg

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9 minutes ago, Kinch said:

WoW! Cant think of anything else to say just now apart from saying that this is so interesting! (The WoW was for the time getting it 🙂 )

Thanks very much Brendan. I should have made it 60 to get more RGB  :)


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3 minutes ago, MarkAR said:

Nice one, star reduction will really help bringing the nebula forward.

Thanks Mark

I have already done star reduction, and blending in a lightly adjusted Dust and Scratches layer. With so many hours even in the narrowband, the stars over whelmed the image.


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nightmare to process due to the amount of stars, and I m not happy at all with it


Interesting problem to have - too much data. This is going to be a tough nut to crack. But locking at the current result well worth the effort!

I am curious to see what you make out of this. Maybe start with the RGB and use starnet on the NB?




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