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This video is intended to be for someone who is thinking of buying their first scope but isn't sure which one is best.  I would love it to be a good jumping off point for discussion and I hope some wise heads will wade in and answer questions and offer alternative opinions. Thx to astrostace and helena's astro and deddy dayag for contributing. I fear I'm going to have my head down making my next video as I'm currently astrobiscuiting full time (or at least till my loan runs out!). So all help  much appreciated. 😉


which scopev3.png

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Hi rory. I'm neither looking for a first scope, nor a wise head I'm afraid.😉 Only started this hobby this year and have a 200p dob which I'm really happy with. Your videos are great, and I have tried taking videos of the planets (with varying success) after watching your one of them. Anyway, thanks for the great content👍



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I really enjoyed that, 15 mins well spent! Im not a beginner but I do appreciate all the production thats gone into your vids and that is really key to getting people into the channel I think. Looking forward to the next one

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2 hours ago, rorymultistorey said:

not sure spending a long time making a quality video wins out over someone just yapping on youtube but I'm gnna find out.

I hope it does. I really enjoy your videos and I know quite a few other fans as well. Hopefully the nature of the subject and audience will reward the greater time and effort you put it into it.

Then again, I cannot begin to understand the appeal of spending hours watching other people play video games and taking things out of boxes, so what do I know about what works on YouTube? 🤔

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