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StarAdventurer - how is Canon 2.5mm to 2.5mm cable wired?

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I'm referring here to the cable that the StarAdventurer manual calls the C1 cable for the EOS 60Da and similar.

I thought I might use an existing 2.5mm stereo cable I had which is wired:

Tip    <----> Tip
Ring   <----> Ring
Barrel <----> Barrel

but no such luck.

I'm guessing that the C1 cable is wired with:

Tip+Ring <----> Tip+Ring
Barrel   <----> Barrel

That's to say with tip and ring connected together and then connecting to the plug at the other end.

However I'd like confirmation, so if anyone who has one of these cables and an ohm-meter to hand can "buzz" it out, I'd be grateful.

Thanks, David


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On the Canon side of the 2.5mm connector cable, the tip is the shutter release and the ring is the focus (with respect to the barrel). Can you measure the impedance between the tip and barrel and the ring and barrel with an ohm-meter when the mount starts an exposure with your cable just connected to the mount? The tip to ring should go from high impedance (a few meg-ohm) to low impedance (possibly as high as a few hundred-ohm) but the ring to barrel should remain high impedance.

Remember to connect the negative side of the ohm-meter to the barrel.

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