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LDN 1355 & 1358 and surroundings in Cassiopeia


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22 minutes ago, mftoet said:

When I acquired the Epsilon-180ED, the RASA systems weren't released by Celestron. In the late analogue / early digital age, a friend of mine used an Epsilon-160. I fell in love with the crisp stars that telescope produced and promised myself I would acquire one some day. About 10 years later I ordered an Epsilon-180ED including the ridiculous expensive tube rings, base plate en 7x50 finder scope (which in the end I only use for star alignment after switching on the mount). Another thing that I like about the Epsilons (and other fast Newtonians for that matter), are the diffraction spikes. I know, you either like them or you don't. 

Would I consider acquiring a RASA instead of a fast Newtonian? Maybe, but probably not. A thing that would bother me is that the camera (and cables) must be placed in front of the corrector plate. I can imagine taking proper flats can be challenge with a RASA. So respect for those who manage to produce excellent images with these astrographs!   


I for one love the stars in the images from fast newts, including the 180ED. My RC does a reasonable job of it, but it does take more effort in processing to get stars under control and they never get the crispness of yours. And my RASA doesn't even come close.

Well done on that image.

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I just wanted to point out that there is now an affordable option for a fast "astrograph". It is without star spikes or other artifacts (they disappeared with my RASA after curving the camera cables, as others have found before me). Not sure that there is a difference in the "crispness" of stars and how that would relate to the difference in optical systems. I have recently entertained myself with pixel peeping stars in Epsilon and RASA images on the net and as far as I can see there is no clear trend - just good or less good ones from each scope/processor.

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