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M42 DSLR+QHY8 Collaboration (Registar)


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Here is the first result of a combined effort through a WO72 with focal reducer between Peter (Psychobilly) with his Canon 350D and my QHY8.

It is a combine of two basically processed images, using registar. Total exposure length is an impressive 9.5 hours.

What do you think?

If you would like to include your image in the group, then please upload a 16bit compressed Tiff to a suitable site (eg UKAstronomers.com) and send me the link by PM. It would be best to start with images with at least 2 hours exposure length. (George, yours would be great btw to help add core data)

Thanks for looking.

'Billy and TJ


(click to enlarge)

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Excellent Steve. Stacked pre-processed would be ideal, with initial levels set. TBH, Registar does a pretty good job no matter what you throw at it, so it doesnt seem to really matter.

Les mentioned he had some data too.

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What would be ideal would be to registar and align all the basic tiffs, and then send the result to SteveL to make it look purty :hello2:

Anyway, here is a 12 hour version, same data as before plus 2.5 hours through my GSO. It is interesting to see how the aligning has greatly reduced the horrible reflection around Ori I got on my initial processing run. Take a look at the finer details around m43 on the full size piccy. I'm quite pleased with this :D


(click to enlarge)

Click link for full size


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Kevin, fancy including yours? And Steve (Steppenwolf)? Martin? Anyone else?

Even Ha only pics might be useful, as Registar can combine the colour channels from seperate images if needs be, even if they are of different size and shape and FOV (now is that cool or what :hello2: )

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And if you ever wondered what your images would look like with a little help from Hubble.......

This shot combines the pic above with the close up of orions core taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.

See original here - http://hubble.esa.int/science-e-media/img/c7/heic0601a4101.jpg

This really demonstrates the power or registar, does it not?


(click to enlarge)

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this is getting ridiculous.

those images are fantastic.

unfortunately I dont have any narrowband orion data, but I am dying to get some. It would be with the sxv h9. Unfortunately tress block our view of orion, so a good job requires a trip.

I do have a pic from last year with an epsilon 160 and Canon 20Da, there is actually a good amount of data for there only being around 30mins. (dust between m43 and running showing a bit)

I can ask the other half of the imaging team if he doesnt mind the data being used. I think I still have the raws, so I can stack and send if you want.

I'll get back to you.

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More than happy to add my Tupp'nth of M42 guys - taken back on the 25th November (a good 80mins of DSLR data). Just got to figure out the upload to UKAstro. The stacked pre-processed TIFF I get out from PixInsight is around 45MB in size - would you want anything more done to it?


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Hi guys,

Looks like an imteresting project :D

I have some M42 Ha data from October 2007, done with a DSI pro2....not brilliant but might add a bit combined with the red channel.

Use it if you want, if not, no worries :hello2:

I just tried uploading the tiff to ukastronomers, but no joy.

TJ, just sent you a PM.



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I think it would be nice to add the "SGL" collabaration images to the a gallery somewhere... TJ and myself were talking about collabarating when we both had modded DSLR / Megrez setups but hes moved on since then... But thanks to Registar we can combine anything with anything...

Suppose we could submit them as "SGL" images to the mags but whether they would go with them... as long as we only use "members" data cant see any issues... perhaps a regular magazinre imaging contributor might pick up the thread and write something about the concept of combining data from various amateur scopes...


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