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I hope this image does not put anyone off their dinner! 🙂

A quick process of last night's data. About 2 hours (total) of Ha/OIII/SII - M8 The Lagoon Nebula.

I will re-process this when I have more time and will take a bit more care, but if anyone has any processing suggestions they would be welcome.

I'll probably try some Star Reduction as well as trying some de-noising etc, etc.

I know more data would be better - but there we are.

Thanks for looking.




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9 hours ago, MarkAR said:

Lovely detail and an interesting colour option. A little star reduction wouldn't hurt just to throw them to the background a bit.

Thanks Mark! Yes the colours are a bit quirky. For this first attempt I just chose APP's "HSO1" composite formula to see what would happen and decided to stick with it.

I'll try some other options to try and get a more natural look next time. Thanks for the tips!

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 I think the colours show a certain amount of individuality, I would stick with them as well as a more traditional colour scheme.

If you use Pixinsight I think you can save all the processes in a basket and apply as a job lot to any other integrations. 

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