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How do you shoot LRGB the best way?


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How do you plan your night when shooting LRGB for galaxys etc?


How many subs of each filter? Do you take one filter one day, one the next day or do you take them in a Loop --->Lum 30 subs-->Red 30 subs-->Green 30 subs--->Blue 30 subs--->Lum 30 subs etc?

Is there a "rule" of how many more Lum shots you take than RGB?


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If you are a beginner you will find it much easier to shoot equal amounts of L and R and G and B. As your processing skills improve you will find that you can shoot considerably more L than colour and that this will be an advantage on targets with very faint traces which you are trying to bring out. But you will need more complex processing in order to avoid the luminance bleaching out all the colour from the RGB.

The simplest route at capture is to scroll through the filters, as in LRGB, LRGB, etc. The more sophisticated way is to shoot blue and luminance when the object is at its highest elevation because the atmosphere is at its least harmful at high elevation. Blue is the worst hit by the atmosphere and luminance carries all the detail, so it wants to be sharp. The most sophisticated approach involves shooting the luminance on nights with the best seeing (the most stable seeing, not necessarily the most transparent sky.) If you use an FWHM measurement to focus you will soon learn what is a good value for your rig and when you have a nice low FWHM you should shoot luminance. When the seeing is poor and the FWHM values are high, shoot colour. This is vital in high resolution imaging but only 'useful' in lower resolution and widefield imaging.

I hope that's not 'too much information!' If it is, just shoot equal amounts of LRGB, LRGB, etc.



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