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Are the AstroEQ forums still alive?


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Hi all,

I've been trying to ask some questions about AstroEQ on the forums there and no one appears to be approving my request for membership, nor do they appear to be producing any astrEQ boxes currently.

This is quite frustrating, as if there was hardware available to buy, I'd probably buy it, also if I could get some questions answered I'd build a DIY version out of my big pile of 3d Printer bits, this is most frustrating.

Is this project still alive? 


Matt H

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If you can get a circuit board and the pre-programmed IC from Tom, I'd say definitely build one.  However, Tom has posted a notice saying that during the current pandemic he doesn't want to send out boards and ICs.

I built one a couple of years ago and it is still in use on my home modified EQ5 mount whenever I use my 200 mm lens.



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I'm fairly experienced with astroeq - I've done a DIY mega2650 one using drv8825, tom's board/ic's using tmc drivers and I looked at the new version with surface mount just as a project.

So I can probably answer your questions if you post them.

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