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New setup ! Thinking of getting this setup for some casual stargazing for when I move into my new house !

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They are excellent scopes. Large and heavy though.

You will probably want more eyepieces plus some collimation tools, a Telrad and a RACI optical finder.

While the Moonlite focusers are very good but why not try the stock one first ? - they are not that bad at all. I would probably invest in the list above before rushing to upgrade the focuser.



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Agree with John, the supplied focuser is really pretty good and easy to adjust the tension so it's nice and smooth but firm.

I fitted the Astrozap shroud and it is great, stays on the scope and collapses down with it when needed.

Yours is not the Goto model that I have so is lighter weight, but I placed mine on a dolly board to wheel it around the garden which you might want to consider. :) 

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3 hours ago, vlebo said:



Sorry guys .. I posted the pics by mistake, my intention was to elaborate a bit on why I chose this setup and for any opinions on how to improve it but I couldn’t delete it and start again !! Sorry if it sounded a little abrupt

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