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What is the difference between a Skymax Maksutov and a non Skymax ?

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I have the opportunity to buy a SkyWatcher Maksutov 180/2700 to replace my gold maksutov 150mm

I see that a new SkyWatcher Maksutov 180/2700 has "Skymax" on the tube and the one I am considering buying does not. Does anyone know if there is a difference or is it just a branding name difference depending of the country ? Here is a picture of the Mak I am looking at:


I remember seeing somewhere that if I want to replace the visual back with an SCT focuser there was a need to buy an adapter, but the newer Mak did not need that adapter ? Could it be the difference between this one and the skymax below ?




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They are the same scope.  There are actually three different threads on the 180mak The original gold one needed an adapter, then the early black one had an oddball size that no one makes an adaptor for.now and the newer black one with the SCT thread. There have been some recent changes in the lettering applied and also now the Schott logo is being removed although they still use schott glass.

So if you are thinking of buying a used black 180 find out what thread it has on the back. The SCT thread is about 50mm  in dia.

Used to have a 180mak and really liked it although have now upgraded to a Classical Cassegrain 8”



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17 minutes ago, johninderby said:

 the early black one had an oddball size that no one makes an adaptor for

That's what I am afraid of. fortunately I have an SCT focuser on my MAK150 so I will bring it with me when I will meet the vendor to see if it fits... Hopefully it will as it is a 2 hours drive ;) 

I was also looking at the classical Cassegrain but I don't see a lot of them second hand. I hear they are pretty good and the main advantage is that there is no dewing and it adjust to the temperature quickly since it is an open tube, but how would you compare the view with the Mak180 ?  do you see a big improvement ?

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Yes second hand 8” Classical Cassegrains are very rare.The 6” version is fairy easy to find second hand  but no one seems to want to let go of their 8”. 🙂

The CC also has a fixed primary mirror and a refractor type crayford focuser. I find it will take higher magification than the 180 with more contrast and resolution.  The lack of dew problems and quicker cooldown are a very nice advantage. Great build quality as well.🙂


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I have to admit that I was a bit put off by a picture I saw of a Cassegrain with an extremely long focuser due to the fact that you need to add multiple extensions like so:


On this picture there is almost no more dovetail left ! It looks like it is a nightmare to balance ;) 

But still, I would love to have the chance to look into one as, like you said, the magnification can be much higher in a Cassegrain and it must kill on planets and the moon :) 

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Looks a bit silly with all those extension pieces fitted and looks like the 6” version.

Don’t need any extensions on mine for visual use. Wouldn’t focus with all those extensions. The extenstions are for straight through use with a camera.


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