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Moon Mountains In The Morning

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I've not had a decent outing for weeks, so jumped at this opportunity this morning when, at 6.30, I saw the last quarter Moon high in the south in a fairly clear sky.  (A return to calm after last night's violent storm.)  The 102S frac was ready in the shed.

At x40 / 1.3deg, the Apennine (north of centre) and Alps Mountains (further north) stood out like two white gashes, well lit to the NW and W respectively.  They shone against a greyish background, and stretched into space at the terminator.

The Apennines curved round above Eratosthenes, with a clear central peak and shadow within the western wall.  Further west again lay Copernicus, all illuminated, and now against a silvery rather than a grey background.  And in that wide field of view, the Moon was nicely framed within a clear, bright blue sky.

I raised the mag to x75 then x100 for a little more detail from the craters mentioned, then ended the session at 6.50 as daylight rapidly swamped the view.  

A nice start to the day.  Luna never fails to please!


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Lovely description of a fine morning!  I can relate as I spent a lot of time binoviewing luna after imaging the last three mornings and views were spectacular with steady seeing and perfect transparency.   Quality time!

Clear Skies



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