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Jupiter GRS......or not??

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At 00.15hrs this morning (09/08/2020) I had a good look at Jupiter.

Using the Morpheus 12.5mm (X80 Mag) I had a really nice view of a really bright Jupiter showing faint wisps of banding and the 4 Galilean moons.

I then upped the anti and fitted the 4.5mm ep (X222 Mag). I was impressed to see that all 4 moons were still in the fov, although at the very edges. I had also fitted a Baader Contrast Booster filter and the bands of the planet did appear to be more defined. I also noted in the Northwest of the planet (as you are looking at it) approx 2/3rds up the face of the planet, a very faint but discernible bulge in one of the bands, big enough to be obvious.

Now, I've never seen the GRS before, despite viewing Jupiter on numerous occasions, I guess, I've never had an eyepiece that offers enough contrast to do so (the Morpheus are new) so I have no knowledge to refer to.

I've tried googling GRS transit times today but can't seem to find an answer for this morning. It may not have been the GRS at all.......but could it have been at that time and date???

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Great stuff, always one of the main memories in planetary observing, your first GRS. Well done and congratulations. First Mars polar ice cap for me also hopefully.

Fingers crossed for zero sandstorms. Ruined my chances last time around. Shout out if you get to see it.


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The GRS was quite clear at that time with my 90mm refractor at 80x magnification. Just where @CraigT82's pic shows it.

Well done for getting it !

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42 minutes ago, cloudsweeper said:

Well done Jiggy - always good to finally see the GRS.  It took me two-and-a-quarter years!

Here's a great animation showing the moons' movements, transits, occultations, as well as the GRS.  You can change the time/date, and also the rate.  



Thanks Doug, that’s a nice little website!

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