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Rosette Ha


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Hello all

Its been a Looong time since ive taken and posted any images. Got a break last Monday and as the moon looked to be a problem went for this bright Ha target.

First time using my lightbox which seems to have worked well with the calibration.

Image is 18 x 10 mins (3hrs) through the TAk FSQ and starlight SXVFH35, Astronomik 2" Ha filter.

Hope to get G & B for a colour image next moon free night.

Image does not shirnk down well for posting bettwe quality here





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Absolutely outstanding Mark. The Crop image is mind blowing.

Those skies up there must be something else mate.

When I get myself organised, I will need to pay a visit. I used to travel to Whithorn on a 3 month basis, to calibrate a Gas Analyser in a MOT garage there. I always enjoyed the journey up there.

Ron. :thumbright:

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WOW! Perfect image! Cant wait to see this in colour.

(Now i'm wondering if I sell all my current telescopes, guns, woodworking machines, hot tub and children, whether I might be able to afford a second hand Tak..................) :hello2:

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We should get together and break into the factory, a well worked out astro-heist. It'd work a treat until we all posted our images.........

Of course, everything else has to be equal, and Mark has produced a stunner here.

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