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COMPLETED - Omegon Cassegrain - Boxed as new.

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Hello. I have been having a bit of a cull lately and have some really good gear for sale - it is just not being used.
Omegon CC 154/1848 scope BOXED. Dovetail rail. Back-focus adapters. (COMPLETELY NEW). £280. Collection only due to weight from DE55 (respecting distancing of course).

Please see pictures and thank you for looking.











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Price drop
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On 15/08/2020 at 08:02, SimonQ81 said:

Hi Matthew,

Am interested in the 50mm finder scope. Wondered if you’d do £30 posted?

Just getting into the hobby myself hence this being my first post!


Hi Simon - sent you a PM.

Thank you.

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17 minutes ago, rockinrome said:


Can't seem to edit the post or title anymore, so this will have to do!



Top right, next to box which says author, 3 little squares. Click on these and the edit option will pop up....:smiley:

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27 minutes ago, rockinrome said:


Can't seem to edit the post or title anymore, so this will have to do!



The thread is more than 3 months old. After that the title becomes locked.

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      They have a earlier  delivery date on GSO 8 inch Dob with the deluxe version with  1:10 micro reduction and better EP - 2” 30 mm vs 1.25” 25 mm on SW. The GSO is 50 Eur more expensive but at this point I am beyond caring for EUR 50 to be honest. 
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