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Choosing a new scope?

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I was seaching for a new scope and spotted this forum. I hope you could offer me some advice on which scope to get next.

I curently have a 8" Dob, but would like something a little more easy to handle and I would like to do some long exposure imaging and definately want a GOTO mount. I have about £500 to spend. I want a short focal length refractor (~600mm) as I only have a small CCD and want a reasonably wide field. I don't want another reflector due to the hassle of the open tube and collimation etc.

I was looking the C80-EDR GT as it seems like a cracking scope on a GOTO EQ mount. Just what I need at the right price. However, I believe it's now discontinued. Is it still possible to buy one new or is there anything similar available? Why would they take such a good scope off the market?!!

An alternative would be to get something like the Skywatcher Startravel 102 SynScan AZ GOTO. There's litlte information on the Skywather website about these. It is possible to use them with a wedge and it this selectable in the handset? Is there an autoguiding and PC connection port? The same question goes for the Celestron Nexstar 102 SLT

Many thanks for any advice

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