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In many of the reviews I have read about scopes with "lightweight" tripods with alt-az mounts it is often recommended to ballast the tripod in some way. One option is to fill the legs with sand (but this would not be a good idea for a scope under warranty). Another option I've seen is to lay a bag of sand over the accessory tray (but then you lose the use of the tray).

So, my idea is to hang some dumbell weights under the accessory tray on bungee straps - putting the bungee through the centre hole of the weight and using the hooks to hang it on the tripod leg spreader.

My question is... Is this a bad idea??

I can understand that all the "sand" ballast methods would dampen vibration - but will the hanging weights do the same job??

Any advice would be great :hello2:


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It depends on what your looking to achieve... really... some people reckon filling the legs helps dampen higher frequency vibrations.. I know bungeeing the tripod to the very heavy battery made the tripod less susceptible to knocks and wind gusts... I have hung a 12 lb weight under a photo tripod in the past but that was more to reduce the risk of toppling over as I wouldn't be using it "traditionally" ...


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I have some vibration suppression pads on order, so the weight would really be to add some stability to the tripod... like you say, make it less susceptible to knocks and wind gusts...

Maybe once the scope is out of warranty I'll fill the legs with sand :mrgreen:

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