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Walking on the Moon



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Hi all, just introducing myself as I have just celebrated my birthday with a Skywatcher 150pl and to prepare for the competition from "amateurs " like P Moore et all (ill take a bow) and people like that, i've been reading for two days solid. Jeesh this is gunna take some time.

This forum is a wonderful resource for people like me so an early thanks to those who take the trouble to educate people like me because I just know I have a bejiliion stupid questions. The only down side here is that looking at my lappy for so long I think I've knackered my eyes :scratch:. That said the images I've seen on here are just stunning.

Apparently i have a good viewing garden with no are very little light pollution, so I hope the weather gets warmer and clearer then maybe, just maybe, I can make a contribution on here.

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Welcome to the SGL Timmo.

A belated Happpy Birthday, and congratulations on the Sky watcher 150. It's a fine scope, and will give you a lot of pleasing sights of night skies.

Should you need any help, just ask away, you will receive lots of willing replies.

Ron. :hello2:

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Hello timmo welcome to sgl

happy belated Birthday from me to and great scope I have its bigger brother the 200p enjoy your time on here and don't be afraid to ask lots of questions the guys and girls on here as you have already discovered are more than happy to share their knowledge and experience with you

wishing you dark skies and good seeing Pete

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I never noticed before how dark the garden is I would say it is almost free from any street lights. I just know that Ill get acclimatised to the dark and the kids Will put an indoor light on only to shine through one of the patio doors. That said the night sky is covered in rain cloud so the chance would be nice. In the mean time Ill keep on polishing my scope and pretending I'm a real astronomer.

PS so far the scope has a pride of place in the front room, I'm not sure my wife fully understands that a scope if for life and not just for birthdays but its getting harder to keep my new friend from being put away. I would be interested in how you guys have got round this problem.

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hi Timmo

I am fortunate in having a garage. I butchered a cabinet to go on the wall, just off the floor.

I manufactured a case for the scope which is foam lined and a carry case for the tripod.

they fit well in the cabinet. Eye pieces and accessories I keep in a flight case indoors.

The scope does not have any cool down time and is ready for use in my light poluted garden.

If your are stuck for space I did consider at one time using one of the strong metal outdoor gardening cabinets bolted to a concrete pad to stop it walking away if you follow my drift,

sited close to the house, the scope to be kept in a protective box.

Hope this helps.


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