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Help with RJ12 to RJ45 lead to connect the SynScan WiFi

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Hi everyone,

I hope this is the correct place for this post. 
In terms of DIY my post might be stretching it but it the closest section I could think of to post this.

I brought a SynScan-Wifi for my GOTO mount for WiFi so I can use my SynScan app rather than the handset. It is a Skywatcher skymax 127 AZ GOTO telescope. The SynScan-Wifi has a socket for a RJ45 while the mount  has socket for RJ12. The SynScan-Wifi came with a lead to connect up but the Wifi was intermediate and unusable. So I got rid of that flimsy lead and used the long Spiral coiled handset lead that I already had and I have no problems. 

But I want to get a shorter lead to avoid wires everywhere. So I brought a 0.25 cm lead but when I connected it up there was no signal no yellow/green data lights flashing. The lead was inexpensive but the right type RJ12 to RJ45. The shorter lead that came with the product was unusable and now I buy a separate lead and it still does not work only the longer handset lead works.

To avoid me buying lots of leads to try out does anyone use a short working lead to connect the SynScan-Wifi to their mount or would anyone recommend a quality one to connect the mount to SynScan-wifi.

Thanks in advanced


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Take your long curly lead that works.

Look at the two ends placed side by side with both clips at the top or bottom.

Look at the wire colours - do they read the same, or is one reversed ?

So eg R O Y B  and  R O Y B

Or R O Y B  and B Y O R

Now do the same with your new lead - is it the same as the good lead, or reversed ?

Cables  can come as Straight Through, or as Reversed.


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Hi Michael,

Thanks for you reply.

The RJ45 end is reserved and my new one has extra black and white.

So working one sequence is -  R G B Y B

While the new working one is -  B Y G R Black White

To buy a working RJ12 to RJ45 lead for me which colour sequence is reversed, when I was buying one online I do not recall options on colour sequencing - it just said RJ12 to RJ45.


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It's only the wires on the 4 pin end that are relevant, as the extra wires on the other end aren't connected at the 4 pin end.

Perhaps you should contact your local astro store for the correct Skywatcher cable.



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