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Greetings from Portugal

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Hi everyone.

So I finally bought a telescope after dreaming about owning one for 31 years. I discovered this forum a week ago and have been reading a ton of topics and learning so much from collimating to polar alignment and imaging. My primary focus is just exploring and observing the night sky but if I can will try to image the moon and maybe jupiter with my smartphone :)

Thanks for all the help

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Hi and welcome to the forums. I've been visiting the Algarve for the last seven or eight years each summer. Was due to visit in June but for obvious reasons that was cancelled. I've stayed with friends near Carvoeiro, just down the road. From the little time I've spent in Portugal you seem to have many more clear nights that we do in the UK. I hope you enjoy your astronomy, and as you say, there's such a wealth of information on these forums.


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I live 15km from Carvoeiro. And the sky has been so clear lately that just observing the moon and jupiter with the naked eyed I just couldn't resist and had to buy a telescope. It's still on back order but it's ok. Will give me more time to learn how to use it and what to see.

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Thanks everyone. I'm just getting started and already loving this community. 
By the way, a guy near me is selling a Philips SPC900 Webcam with a telescope adapter. What would be and acceptable price for it ?

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