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ASIAIR PRO Mounting on a EQ6R-PRO

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I'm new to the forum.


I have just received my EQ6-R PRO and my AsiAir Pro I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on best mounting position.

I would rather mount it on the mount itself so it doesn't interfere with balance of the scope/camera's, I have found the place below, so was just wondering if anyone else has tried mounting one there.



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Firstly welcome to the forum 🙂 

In theory you can place the Asair anywhere you wish ond on the face of it if it is secure then where it is it would work fine.

However, the main advantage of any mini computer is to reduce any cables that move when the mount moves and hence eliminate cable drag that can cause issues if not managed well as the scope tracks the target. With the mini computer mounted on top of the scope itself all cables to the asair could be in a fixed position and you do not need to leave a loop to account for the movement, only with the 12V power cable .


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Hi Steve,

Thanks for that, My previous setup on my old CG5 mount it was attached to my Orion 80mm guide scope/cam but this added a lot of weight to the back of the scope and with it being back heavy due to the mirror I'm trying reduce back weight.


I was thinking of swapping out the 80mm guide scope for a smaller one that will fit into the finder scope shoe  or maybe go with a off-axis guider instead and mount the Asiair under  the dovetail bar at the front reducing the mount of movement and for balancing.


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The ASIAIR only weighs 243 grams, so moving the scope forwards in the rings should easily balance it I would have thought ?

Your 1000mm Focal Length means you're in OAG territory in my opinion.

Don't mount any kind of guidescope in the finder shoe, it will wobble and cause guiding grief.

PHD2 guide movements are in microns, amounts akin to a fraction of the thickness of a strand of hair, so only 0.1mm movement in your guide mount is enormous.


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