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Anyone had a look tonight?


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....Just come in for a warm.

After collimating the Newt have had about two hours!

Played around with the ETX for a while, just to make sure I hadn't forgotten how to use it :shock:

Had a great time,nothing in any order....high misty cloud rolled in, so will give it an hour to see how it goes.

Mick :lol:

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Just had a peek outside mostly cloudy but i got some great news now i have my bearings in the new Garden lol i can see Jupiter from my Garden yippie also more of the sky than in Blackpool quite chuffed just want those clear skies now :lol:

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Light Pollution is ripe here much the same as Blackpool Mick no getting away from it really although i can go for walks around here to darker sights for my observing with a 80mm refractor and tripod hehe...

James :lol:

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I had a go outside. The Accufocus arrived so I went out to try to fit it. Absolute doddle on the 200 Newt. Five minutes, four of which were finding the tools.

High cloud meant that there wasn't much to see, couldn't even find Polaris to align the mount, but I thought that, seeing as i was out, I'd better have a bash. I did a one star align on Alcaid to get the mount to track and told it to GOTO Bode's galaxy for the homework. Couldn't see anything like a fuzzy object. Tried to go wider with the focal reducer and nothing again. I'm wondering if these things are to scale in Starry Night? next stop was Saturn, easy to find and no GOTO required. the GOTO got it close but again no cigar (carp pun intended). I could easily see the Cassini division and at least one moon. I could make out stripes on the planet with a Barlowed 6mm EP.

Had a blast, though M42 had gone behind the workshop so I missed that.

Clouded over again at 10:30 so in for a warm shower.

Trying again tonight.

Clear skies to all,

Captain Chaos

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I had a good 2 hours, 1 hour with a hot scope, 1 hour with a cold one. Then a haze/mist/fog seemed to roll in and all my planetary views went pear shaped. Came in for a warm and i fear thats it for the night. I'll leave my scope out for a while and check on the sky again in 30 mins to see if it's any clearer. A bit disapointed really, this is the clearest it's been for a long time and i can SEE the stars! Just a mirk though. sigh.

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Darron, if you're trying to see a galaxy, why not M31 Andromeda galaxy? Its much bigger, brighter and easy to find.

Excuse me if you knew this, but if you didn't:-

Find the big W shaped Cassiopeia.

next look for a line of bright stars that would underline the W, but a line down.

Find the star in this line that the right hand V of the W points at and look at this.

Go towards the W, first brigt star, next is a bit up, just next to this star, still further towards the W is a fuzzy thing.

You found it.

I can just see this in the camera on a good night, and the 10x50 Binos most nights, so any type of scope will show it.


Captain Chaos

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