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Cygnus Loop with New Optolong SHO Narrowband Filters


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I have gone back to my wide field setup with Samyang 135mm and ASI1600, but now taken the plunge to try out narrowband.
I got the rig all setup last weekend and had some time yesterday to get it out and mounted on AZ-EQ6GT. I spent a while last night getting everything polar aligned - its been a few months..... and connected and talking with the laptop using APT. Got camera cooled down and then took ages to get a reasonable focus as I have now set up a motorfocus and belt on the Samyang lens, by the time this process had finished time had disappeared and I had an early start in morning, so I kicked off a very quick 1 hour capture using 10 x 120s subs for each of the new SHO filters - I didn't think anything useful would come of this quick experiment, but after some relatively light processing after using APP to stack the 10 subs per channel, I had enough data to create a bi-colour (HOO) and Hubble (SHO) versions below.  Oh and I had no guiding set up either so I just let the mount trundle on sidereal..

Clearly its not a deep image and the resolution is around 6arcsec/pixel, so not high resolution - but in terms of what I want to do in imaging these large areas of nebulousness in narrowband and at this scale the image gives these objects a sense of place and scale in the universe.

So I present my first narrowband images of the Cygnus Loop incorporating, NGC 6960, the Western Veil; NGC 6992, NGC 6995, and IC 1340, the Eastern Veil; NGC 6974 and NGC 6979 ;incorporating Pickering's Triangle

Thanks for looking and any feedback you may have - but yes this image is only 1 HOUR of subs using asi1600 on unity gain setting cooled to -20degC
Samyang lens set at f2





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