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SkySafari and iPhone (6s)


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Last night I decided to have a first play with some low-rent, sit-up-and-beg, filters specifically Olll and UHC on Nebula targets. Some quite pleasing results. Some lessons learned. Much more time at the EP needed. More aperture.
Anyway, SkySafari. Really quite helpful for at least pointing you in the general direction for unfamiliar targets. Or at least it would be if it were remotely accurate. Now i'm never expecting military-grade accuracy from an old phone but i would estimate it being out (always biased west of actual when pointing south) by anywhere between a just a couple and a seemingly improbable 20+ degrees! I put the phone down, to pick it up 10 minutes later with continually wildly varying degrees of inaccuracy.
The built-in compass app, which I use regularly and i assume to which SkySafari references, never seems to be so wildly inconsistent. Am I missing something or am I just expecting too much from a free app (which I really like in all other instances, i find it a great quick reference tool) and old tech?


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