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Bresser Messier refractor

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Yep Steve. Daz has the 127mm f6.4, I've got a 152mm f8 in the post at the moment (cloudy night shopping!! :lol:), in theory they should give similar levels of colour correction. I just hope its in the same ballpark as my 127mm f9....

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Slighty off topic but what ya gonna do with ya other scope Gaz the 127? :lol:

I might keep the 127 mate. I got the 152 at a good (ish) price. It depends if the CA is too much in the 152, I should see more detail in the bigger scope but if the CA (on planets) is too much then I'll sell it and settle for the 127. You know the "free trial" theory!! :)

The 127mm is a cracking planetary scope, when a bigger version came up for a reasonable price I jst could resist. I just hope I get a well corrected one, the TS scopes do have a good reputation.


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