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COMPLETED - Selling Astronomik Clip-in Filter. CLS-CCD and Ha 12nm

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I'm selling these 2 filters since I'm getting a mono astro cam. The filters are barely used and in perfect condition, no scratches, no fingerprints, not even dust. They are both amazing filters, probably the best investment I've made. I've attached some images

taken with these filters, using a 100$ celestron newtonian, a 250$ Canon 500D and the infamous AVX. Also attached are images of the filters showing their perfect condition.

Astronomik CLS-CCD Canon Clip in Filterhttps://www.astronomik.com/en/filter-gegen-lichtverschmtzung-filters-against-lightpollution-lpr/cls-ccd-filter/clip-filter-eos-mit-astronomik-cls-ccd.html

Original price including VAT is 155 Euros (around USD 182). I got it for around USD230 including VAT, shipping and custom taxes.

Selling for USD 140.

Astronomik Ha 12nm Canon Clip in Filter: https://www.astronomik.com/en/clip-filter/clip-filter-canon-aps-c/clip-filter-eos-mit-astronomik-h-alpha-ccd-12nm.html

Original price including VAT 194 Euros (around USD 228). Got it for around USD 270 including VAT, shipping and custom taxes.

Selling for USD 180


I am willing to ship them on my own expense using LibanPost (from Lebanon). Shipping might take time; if you would like to use some other shipment method please contact me to discuss the price. 

Note that due to the Covid-19 lockdown, I may not be able to ship the filters before next week.

Feel free to buy one or both together.

Payment method is preferably through Bank transfer. You cover your bank expenses and I cover mine. (PayPal not available)

Let me know if you have any questions. 

You can also contact me on <private email address removed>







Astronomik CLS-CCD_1.jpeg

Astronomik CLS-CCD_2.jpeg

Astronomik CLS-CCD_3.jpeg

Astronomik Ha-12nm_1.jpeg

Astronomik Ha-12nm_2.jpeg

Astronomik Ha-12nm_3.jpeg

M8-Lagoon Nebula_Landscape_HQ.jpg

M101_Full Res.jpg

M42_Orion Nebula.jpg

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