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Back after quite some time!!


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Well, HELLO!

It's been a while since I last dipped my toe in the water over here at SGL, the website was quite different and EQ6 belt mods were all the rage.  Family life led to the old FLT132 being put away and I was in the midst of an EQ6 tune up, so getting my head around where I was at is going to take a while...but here I am.  The WO Zenithstar 66SD is in action again on my tripod, until I have time to sort out the mount properly, but Neowise has rekindled my interests and with Zuben now almost 8yo, Jen and I are hoping to slowly get a bit more active and may even manage to venture up to Kielder again.

Hope everyone is well and some of the oldies will  remember me and pop across to say hi.


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Thanks everyone...I finally did manage to get back uo to Kielder last week (with the whole family as it was half term) and it was lovely!  More for the company than the stars as I had a very frustrating time with my setup...my EQ6 board popped an IC so didn't get much done other than catching up with everyone I'd not seen for almost 8 years!

A few repairs and upgrades to do now!

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