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Stuck extension tubes/adapters

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Now we all know that you're not a self-respecting imager until you have a drawer-full of stupidly expensive adapters/tubes/doo-hickeys. The one that you need for the task at hand will naturally be cold-welded onto something else and no amount of swearing at, threatening, brute force, strap wrenches, heating or cooling will separate. 😡 Naturally, you will be forced to buy another over-priced bit of aluminium and delay the job until it arrives.

To prevent this, try this stuff:




Its normally used by locksmiths to free up sticky locks. Yes, you can rub a pencil on the threads, but if your house is anything like mine, pens and pencils seem to magically disappear.

I've heard of other solutions- shoe polish, being one, or anti-seize compound. I personally don't like the idea of wet or volatile lubricants being used near optical surfaces in case they creep or off-gas. Too much chance of getting them on fingers and transferring them somewhere that they shouldn't be. The beauty of graphite powder is that it is dry and if any gets on an optical surface then a puff from a blower bulb will soon dispatch it. And, at less than a fiver for a bottle that will last decades, it'll probably be cheaper than buying pencils.



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