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Ronan Hunt

Wanted: ZWO ASI 183mm PRO/1600mm Pro

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Hi All,

Im looking for preloved zwo asi 183mm Pro or 1600mm Pro and a zwo 8x1.25 inch EFW. Let me know if you have anything suitable. 

Many Thanks,


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Thanks, unfortunately I’ve already been in discussion with Nicos already and hes already done so well selling gear that he’s decided to keep his 183mm pro. So if you know anyone else selling, that’d be much appreciated. Many Thanks.

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    • By pete_81
      Hi all, just getting straight to the point.
      Just got a Rasp Pi 400 (equivalent to Pi4-4GB), and looking to get into guiding through this as it's obviously a popular (and successful) technique.
      Plan is to have the RPi as mini computer at home, running it with RaspPiOS (supplied on µSD with the full kit), then use it with a SECOND micro SD card for astro - I figure having another SD to run Astroberry (as on SGL) may ignore any issues with the family using the pi for other stuff in the house, giving a stand-alone 'computer' as the OS and files would be available on different SD's.
      From this point, I'd setup as follows:
      Connect the RPi directly via USB to the mount (it's the newer SW-AZ-EQ6Pro with the USB-B port on the mount)
      Guidescope (240mm f/4) with T7C (equivalent to ZWO Mini) again USB-B direct to RPi
      Nikon DSLR (either on telescope or using camera lenses) connected to RPi via Nikon USB (using the 3 USB points on the RPi-400) to control capture and later using this for plate-solving (but that's not for just right now!)
      I don't spy any flaws in the plan, it's just going to be a matter of testing and setting things up hoping to follow the guide for Astroberry as linked to SGL below...
      Or is there an alternative OS? From brief reading, Astroberry includes KStars & PHD2 which is what I've got for use on the macbook (although not used in earnest as it doesn't appear to like the cold too much!)
      What about guiding software - I know KStars comes with it's own, and can run PHD2 from within, with PHD2 being the industry standard (and simplest?) to use?
      Control will then be sitting in the warm via OS-X, which seems to be again a common technique as I've had posts on my other questions about this!
    • By daz
      Hi all
      Following a decision for a slight change in direction, the following items are offered. All are in excellent condition, and prices include UK postage.
      ZWO 120MC (USB2.0), with wide angle lens and USB Cable - ** SOLD **
      ZWO Mini Guidescope  ** SOLD **
      ZWO EOS Adapter ** SOLD **
      ZWO Holder Ring ** SOLD **
      ZWO ASI183 MC Pro - ** SOLD **
      The ASI183 has not been used in anger - it has only been connected once or twice, and that was inside the house. It is in immaculate condition and comes with all the original cables and adapters. This will be sent via tracked service.
      Any questions please shout
      Thanks for looking
    • By Nikolas74
      I am interested in buying the above mentioned filter drawer but i have read a couple of posts about light leakage.....which is worrying me
      Are there any other users who have actually used it and can comment on that ?
    • By Sevo
      I`m selling my ZWO ASI 1600MM-PRO USB 3.0 Mono Camera with added ZWO dew heater.
      Camera is rarely used and in excellent condition.
      Price include EU/UK shipping

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