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Dual speed focuser for skywatcher 8inch dob

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Hi all. 

I've been pondering over the idea of upgrading the standard focuser on my 200p to a dual speed one. This one: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-focusers/dual-speed-crayford-1252-inch-focuser-for-skywatcher-explorer.html 

This is primarily due to my frustration when observing the planets, especially when the seeing isn't great. I really need that extra tiny bit of precise focus, and the focuser I currently have just moves that notch too much when I try and fine tune. Do you guys think it's worth going for one of these? Also how easy is it to attach a new focuser? I don't want to go recking my scope by dropping screws onto the mirror 😅

Many thanks,


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That would work....

But as an alternative which would give you fine control of focusing as well as minimising vibrations during focus, what about adding a SW electronic motor?

Simple to fit, and easy to use.


( I use a belt drive to the 10:1 knob for even finer focus control)

Just my 2c

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1 hour ago, almcl said:

A slightly cheaper alternative is to fit the Lacerta dual speed upgrade kit

Took me about 10 minutes to fit; the fitting instructions (which are very good) probably took slightly longer to absorb.


+1 for the Lacerta focuser, I fitted the very same one on my SW Dob. Easy to follow instructions and as almcl says, only takes 10- 15 minutes.

Make sure you tilt your scope into a horizontal position when fitting to avoid anything falling onto your mirror.

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Another suggestion is to fit a big knob on the existing focusser - the knobs come off fairly easily with a grub screw.  I have a tame metal worker with a lathe and he made me this from a billet of aluminium:




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I have this focuser fitted to my 300p it is a very good focuser. Being a skywatcher product it literally took 5-10mins to swap over.  As mentioned by Geoff above, make sure the scope Is horizontal when swapping the focuser over as the four nuts are very small and I did drop one of mine, no harm done though as it just sat in the tube.

the weight is very similar to the standard focuser so it didn't add any additional weight to the top end of the scope.

It works really well. The smaller nobs are easier to use than the large wheels on the standard focuser.  You can easily focus with the coarse focus then fine tune for perfect views.

Mine was a bit tight and stuck a bit at first when adjusting the focus, however it did loosen up and now moves freely/smooth.



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I've just got the standard one speed focuser on my 200P.  I seldom have a problem focusing on an object, only if there's hazy cloud.  What advantage would there be for me in getting one?  Sorry for hijacking the thread...

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4 minutes ago, merlin100 said:

I've just got the standard one speed focuser on my 200P.  I seldom have a problem focusing on an object, only if there's hazy cloud.  What advantage would there be for me in getting one?  Sorry for hijacking the thread...

Finer focusing. When i fitted it to my 200p it was a very worthy upgrade to allow that extra fine control getting focus made me realise i was viewing things a tad out of focus sometimes

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