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Tracking ISS for imaging

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Hi everyone!

I bought my first computerized mount 2 months ago and since then I have been playing around with many of its features. Last weekend I tried to track the ISS to take some photos with my DSLR camera. I connected SynScan hand controller to Stelarium and pressed Ctrl+1 to start tracking, however, my telescope just aimed to the initial position of the object, it was not tracking it! This do not happen with other objetcts as C/2020 F3 NEOWISE, which I can track it correctly, so I think that the problem could be that ISS moves so fast that my mount cannot track it. 


I know, it is not necessary to track the ISS for imaging, but this got my curiosity.


My setup: SkyWatcher Black Diamond 250/1000 EQ6R PRO

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 I am pretty sure your EQ6R cannot slew at the ISS speed, as you suspected,  but also, is your autoguider connected to a finderscope  of small enough magnification where the ISS doesnt sweep across your sensor in a nanosecond, leaving it unable to send drive corrections to your EQ drive?

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