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SYNSCAN alignment using WiFi

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Can anyone help an absolute beginner please? I have a SkyWatcher Star Discovery 150N and the mount has built-in WiFi.   Is there a manual for the WiFi controller for this mount or instructions for the SYNSCAN app?

I use an Android phone with the SYNSCAN  app version 1.17 installed (I was unable to access V1.19 from the Sky-Watcher website). However, as the WiFi is built into the mount it did not come with a separate hand controller or the SYNSCAN Version 4 hand controller. I have successfully linked the phone to the mount and can carry out the initial set up alignment, so that the mount goes to the approximate area. But I do not seem to be able to carry out any form of star alignment. The  accompanying manual only gives me instructions with either of the handsets.

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One other thing to check is that the app (and hand controller for that matter) wants you do do an 'up' and 'right' movement as the last two movements, for backlash I think, before it'll allow you to confirm the alignment.

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14 hours ago, Alan DLM said:

But I do not seem to be able to carry out any form of star alignment.

I have the hand controller so havent used the wifi connect option. I do have the app on my phone...The alignment procedure should be pretty much the same. The android app has an Alignment button which should get enabled once you have connected to the mount. and then its something along these lines (taken from online help). HTH 🙂 I am guessing that the options will be same as on the handcontroller i.e. 1-star, 2-star or 3-star alignment.



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Thank you. That is much more helpful than random button pressing that wasn't getting me what I wanted. I understand about the backlash of the drive motors for maximum accuracy by using up and right movements.

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