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AVX mount and tripod, with upgraded azimuth knobs (rose knob- ADM ones). I had also replaced the altitude knob as the long cylindrical one gets in the eye while you are looking through the polar scope. It is a rose knob so very easy to turn. The plastic box in front has red tape on it as the casing had come off, not broken and I was not able to put it back properly. Its in there partly fitted partly held by the tape but never bothered in the operation. I can also include polemaster adapter for it in case you want to buy that in future. Will also include the cable for connection to the computer.

£550.. collection from Tower hamlets, London due to the weight.

Telescopes/cameras/polemaster not included.


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    • By Adaaam75
      Help please,
      It's definitely me and not the equipment but I need guidance, if you excuse the pun!
      I have a Celestron AVX mount with a 9.25 SCT sitting on top of a pier. Previously I have had issues with aligning my scope to the point where I used to point it manually not use the goto functionality. However after moving I decided to make my life easier so I bought the Celestron Starsense however I'm just not getting it. I've followed the instructions word for word, first calibrating and then aligning. 
      One of the issues I have is when I choose a star to centre, the scope doesn't put the star in the 35mm eyepiece but I centre it anyway and press enter but the scope pans away from the star again back to where it was pointing before I centered it!
      I have researched possibilities but cannot understand the problem. I am definitely putting the correct coordinates and time in. I pretty sure I don't need to set up the mount with its location and time as I did before I got the starsense?
      Please can I have a step by step process after turning it all on as I'm falling down a rabbit hole of Sharpcap and Platesolve2 and apart from frying my my brain with software downloads etc, I shouldn't have to go to such lengths.
      I know my set up should be relatively easy to set up, GOTO reasonably accurately and then track sufficiently for visual observing but I'm having a stress over what sounds like it should be easyish.
      As much advice would be grateful appreciated.
    • By frolao
      The Pleiades showing different temperatures in a super unfocused image (by accident). Only after looking better to this I noticed all brightest stars are there. Love it!
      Stars info using SkySafary6
      AVX SW80ED 700D 19s ISO12800, both images


    • By Luter68
      I am thinking of buying a side-by-side mount like this one


      to mount two scopes in my Calestron AVX. The idea is to have a small newtonian (130 or 150 pds) on one side and a bar with a camera with a 200 mm lens on the other (currently the camera is attached at the end of the counterweight shat but so far I am not satisfied with what I get as results). Thus, I am looking for different solutions (like the side by side mounting).
      However, on the mount, when the white marks on the declination axis are aligned (as requested at the start of the two star alignment procedure), the slot on the mounting saddle is aligned along the polar finder direction. Thus, if I use the VC4 at alignment stat the mounted tubes would be pointed at a 90 degree angle.

      The question is, can I start the two star alignment with the index not aligned (that is, with the slot in the mount turned 90 degrees with respect to the position where the reference marks are aligned) without losing accuracy in the star alignment? Since nights of clear sky are damm rare, I would like to find out if anyone knows about before spending a valuable night testing around (and spending the 129 Euro for the rig).
      Thanks a lot!

    • By ClipseChasr
      Hello SGL members.
      I can't explain why it took me so long to join your group. Anyway, here I am. Back about 1968 Uncle Sam took me on a sea cruise. One night while crossing the Atlantic, I walked outside and nearly bumped my head on the Milky Way. I've been hooked ever since. I don't do any science, I'm just a tourist who enjoys the vast beauty of the night sky. I'm currently trying to find an easy way to align a GOTO mount. I invested in a Star Sense for my AVX mount and I'm starting to have some luck with it. However, when I remove the camera and re-mount it, it never seems to be pointing exactly the same way so I have to run through the match the telescope and rescan procedure. When I figure out a way to re-mount the camera so it's exactly like it was when I took it off, things will speed up. Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.
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